Deer Tick and Mountain Man @Caplive

Deer Tick returned to york and spread their infectious music around the theatre district. The last visited a year and a half ago at the First Capital Dispensing Company which was awesome too. dsc_0430

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Rockstop back to wordpress

Drupal was cool, but a huge learning curve.   WordPress here we go.

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Lee Harvey Osmond :: Sunday April 25th :: Our House

We’re excited to be having Lee Harvey Osmond coming to town on Sunday April 25th.   His last trip through York was opening for the Cowboy Junkies playing the CapLive Music series at the Capitol Theatre. This time he returns for a more intimate show in the Gallery at Our House. Please pickup tickets in advance for this show as space is limited. Tickets are $10. Doors at 7PM; Show starts at 8PM.   Email for more details.  Lee Harvey Osmond

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Wild Goose Chase

I’ve been playing with wild goose chase since this past summer. These guys are fun. Here is a little live MP3 sample of us playing at the Glad Crab.

Wild Goose Chase is:

Jake Horton – Drums
Dave Namesly – Bass
Jeff Hewitt – Guitar

Everyone sings a little vocals and I’ve been playing Sax, Mandolin and a little lapsteel.
Wild Goose @ Glad Crab 20090828 – Miracle

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Rockstop 2.0

greetings… welcome to rockstop 2.0. Its been a long time coming. We seemed to have been compromised by some hacking types, so for now all of the previous photo galleries and forum postings are gone. we may be able to recover them, but lets get some freshness awhile.

for those who are new around here. we love music. making it, recording it, seeing it, photographing it, and overall enjoying it.

feel free to chime in and geek out if its up your alley.


*** Update 8/14/2010

They got the drupal too. on to wordpress.

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LIZ ISENBERG / VIO MIRE + @ Our House :: Feb 18, 2010 :: 8PM :: $5 :: BYOB

We’re excited to host some touring musicians in our new house / gallery space… See our Myspace for more details:


“This is really gorgeous stuff”
-Dave Howell, President of Fat CatRecords

“A rare talent with a keen sense for
melody and a beautiful voice.”

Raised in the shadow of our nation’s capital, Liz Isenberg polished her sonic craftswomanship in western Massachusetts before tentatively settling in Providence, Rhode Island. The multifaceted nature of her songwriting is informed by a delicately balanced musical sensibility and is supported by her multi-instrumentalism; her recordings and performances showcase her versatility as a guitarist, string bassist, vocalist, and micro-korg enthusiast.

Liz has toured extensively throughout the U.S. Recently, she has accompanied Deer Tick on nationwide tours, acting as guest vocalist. Her performance resume also includes shows with Kimya Dawson, Mirah, The Blow, Mount Eerie, Little Wings, and many others.

Her debut album, “Seeport, Seaport, Seeport” was released on Leisure Class Records in 2006. Her sophmore release, “Indifferent & Imaginary” appeared earlier this year.

Spotlight feature in Northeast Performer Magazine: “Isenberg is a true testament to the DIY aesthetic… [I]f you look hard enough for brilliant new music, you’ll be rewarded with someone like Liz Isenberg – a diamond in the rough…. On the heels of a record which is so immediately accessible yet aesthetically challenging, Liz might not remain indie-folk’s ‘best kept secret’ for long.”

“Seeport, Seaport, Seeport” was ranked the #5 record of 2006 by Indie Folk Forever: “A totally immersive and intimate album of miniature epics from Liz Isenberg, full of great melodies.”

Liz featured on Rolling Stone magazine’s Smoking Section:




“A promising composer and musical thinker.”
-Dan Warner, Editor of Audio Culture

“Pure, simple, and instantly beautiful…”

Vio/Miré is, essentially, Providence, RI’s Brendan Glasson. His consistently affecting music spans from pop/folk to ambient sound art to chamber music. His instrumentation is similarly wide-ranging and sophisticated. Glasson is often accompanied by a rotating cast of string players, clavichordists, and singers.

Glasson has four Vio/Miré albums to his credit, including one entirely written and recorded while living in Bolivia and his most recent, “January, 2009” recorded in Jonsí from Sigur Ros’s apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland. The third Vio/Miré album, ‘March, 2007’ was released that month by Leisure Class Records. Glasson’s recordings have been called “absolutely vital” (so the wind won’t blow it all away) and an “amazing experimental journey of an album” ( Indie Folk Forever describes Vio/Miré as “a blend of slowly evolving, textured soundscapes and intimate vocals” and, as Animal Psi notes, “the music is airy yet well-defined, filled out by steady runs of finger-picked guitar and the dry heat of cello.”

Glasson toured with Sigur Ros on their 2008 US tour as a member of the Icelandic octet Parachutes. As Vio/Miré, he’s played with dozens of different artists including Ramona Cordova, Deer Tick, Eva Luna, Annuals, Bee Mask, Black Swans, Cassette Concrete, Chris Paddock, Dreadful Tawns, Expecting Rain, Lewis and Clarke, Liz Isenberg, Noble Lake, Ra Ra Riot, Tall Pines, and the Whigs. Vio/Miré also played at the 2007 Gladtree Festival along with Thurston Moore, Jack Rose, MV+EE, J. Mascis, and others.


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Socially Mediated…

I resisted from tweeting and booking face for so long… last week i signed up for both. A freebreakfast tweetoff… and a pfr facebook. A bit of an overload, but I am having fun with it.

Check me out and socialize with me if ya’ont to!

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Flyers on the Bulletin Board

I wanted to be able to replicate a bulletin board… specifically the one in the hallway that I have filled up with layers and layers of upcoming event flyers. Nathan whiped up this little page for me. Pretty slick!

Click on a flyer to see it enlarged!

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York Artist Homestead Program

Move to York and make art! We’ve met some cool folks that took advantage of this program already. We’ve also found a space that we think would rock out with our own creative endevours!

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Free Breakfast

Free Breakfast is the name of a new project we started to be more flexible in the music that we’re booking. Its hard to get people to be interested in hearing the same music week after week, and harder to get musicians all to show up. So as it stands now we’re putting on shows as Free Breakfast Presents… Lindsey made a great flyer for this and we’re excited to be booking and jamming with our friends bands and getting some great touring bands to stop by and play for us. Its also a band too… we pick different musicians to play with and play some of our favorite songs along with them. normally its fairly off the cuff and not necessarily rehearsed, but we have fun. Check out our myspace for upcoming

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